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ECJ ever expands its reach

Legal opinion instead of case or controversy SIA ‘Maxima Latvija’ v Konkurences padome The decision by the European Court of Justice deals with the question whether a lessee may negotiate a right in a lease to prevent the lessor to lease space to a competitor. The argument pivots around the question whether such a clause […]

Sinkhole of bureaucracy | Deep underground, federal employees process paperwork by hand in a long-outdated, inefficient system. What's the news here: the federal government is using inefficient systems, they seem to work in a bunker ? No, it is the inability to get the whole processing on computers, a complaint only 30 years old !!! […]

Legal jobs: American Law schools pay their graduates 15 $ an hour so law firms and non-profits do not have to pay their salaries. A year later, 24 % of all graduates have found a full paying job. What does this apprenticeship pay get the university ? The boast that 97.5% of the class of […]

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Should she stay or should she go? | The Economist Posted via Composer

major ramping up of sanctions: U.S. FREEZES PUTIN’S NETFLIX ACCOUNT Posted via Composer

Schwab fights terrorists

Utilities in my name I am trying to open a Schwab retirement account to move over all my retirement assets into one place. However, in their attempt to fight terrorists, Al Qaeda, tax evasion, money laundering, (did I miss any ?) Schwab is very confused that my landlord pays some of the utilities which hence […]

Troll-Killing Patent Reform One Step Closer Posted via Composer

Areas of Mutual Interest

An “are of mutual interest” sounds innocent enough, however, lawyers have lost their innocence long ago and when they talk about AMIs they have something very specific in mind, as a recent court case that deals with leases and LLCs exemplifies. The definition of the court of an AMI provision was “an agreement between or […]

Apple's Fingerprint ID May Mean You Can't 'Take the Fifth': This means that you have to give the police access to your phone instead of refusing such a request, because you would incriminate yourself by revealing your password. I believe, this is conceptually a valid point regarding the legal consequences of new technology in […]

How the cult of shareholder value wrecked American business. That is definitely something they (erroneously) did not teach us at MBA school. Posted via Composer